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Our Values and Vision

We stay true to our values by regularly taking a closer look at who we are & how we do things. People are and will always be the heart of our company. They are our life blood which is why our people are blessed with integrity, desire & professionalism no matter how challenging and stressful a campaign can be. We encourage our people to take initiative and do what is right, but not at any cost – our people understand that they are accountable for the decisions they take (for every action there is a re-action) which is why they are highly talented individuals, focused on delivering operational excellence. Our people aim to be your reliable friend.

From your inspirational designs our task is to bring them to life – just how you imagine they should be. We wish to have a positive effect on the world around us by engaging our principles, raising the standards in our industry & to encourage & develop our staff without fear. We wish to optimize our productivity and constantly meet the demands of our clients and their budgets.

We wish to never forget that work has to be fun.

Lonsdale Print Solutions: Registered Office: Denington Estate, Wellingborough, Northants. NN8 2RA. Registered in England No. 146517